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"Do what you love and you will
not work a single day of your life"


Born as a web developer, I approach photography about 16 years ago when, by chance, I got an analogue Canon, with which I started experimenting. In 2009, I bought my first Canon digital SLR to refine the technique and try out different photographic styles, so I started making photos to be included in the websites that were commissioned by my clients. The Christmas of 2011 marks the turning point, I received as a gift a Canon 6D Full Frame that, combined with my desire for knowledge, opened the doors of commercial / professional photography. I immediately investigated my path with Still Life and, subsequently, the Food Photography (with all the surrounding areas of development, from the web to the paper) and, finally, the nature photography. During these years foreign travels have become more frequent to photograph places that are sometimes lost, from Holland, France, Belgium and Germany. This kind of photo is very popular abroad, so I started selling high quality prints. I teach photography in some introductory courses, at various locations in Palermo, Mazara del Vallo and Trapani. In my opinion, training is necessary to undertake some professions, in fact, I never stop studying and I'm finishing a series of refresher courses to deepen new photographic techniques.

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About Dario Mentesana

About Dario

I am a photographer born in Palermo. I work and work around the world, especially in the Netherlands, where I have established business relationships with many customers. I specialize in: Still life, commercial photography, ADV, food photography, and I am very fond of nature photography.

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